As a full-time photographer in any genre, to make 10 years is a huge achievement, but especially so in the highly competitive world of weddings. I was thinking about this last year and debated whether I should let it pass by with a small 'yay' on social media, or go large; I did the latter.

The Assembly House Music Room is an intrinsic part of my story - it's where Dave and I were married and where I met one of my best friends - and I couldn't have hosted anywhere else. I sent out my invites to every couple I've photographed and was super excited to see everyone again. I also thought this would be a good time to formally launch my children's fine art portraiture business and everyone's reactions were super positive. I'll be blogging about this in the coming weeks.

I'm not one for speeches, but I did have a few thank yous to say. Firstly to all my amazing couples for not only having great taste in photography, but also for taking time out of their busy weekends to say hello. One family came over from Hertfordshire and I met so many beautiful newborns and growing families, congrats to all and thank you for your generous hugs, cards and gifts. The time went super fast and I didn't get a chance to speak at length with everyone, wing me a message and we can meet for a cuppa. I also organised 10 fab prizes and congrats to the winners, hop over to facebook for the full list.

Secondly was to my great friends Phil & Karen who set me on this path in 2005; I'd just bought my first digital SLR - having shot film for years - and I took a few snaps around their wedding weekend and thought, "I rather enjoyed that". Since then I've taken in excess of 300K wedding images. On the large screens were images from every single wedding that I've photographed and everyone enjoyed looking at the progression of style and also gave a little cheer when theirs came up.

The afternoon was brilliantly entertained by Nick Twist with his close magic and awesome balloon skills and hosted by Jamie Gooda and the AH team, who have been so supportive of my business over the years.

I'm pleased as punch that Mark Hewlett is part of the photographer's family and can't wait to work on many more weddings with him into the next decade. I'm also thrilled with the fabulous gallery of images taken on Sunday - cheers mate.

My last thank yous were for Dave and Evey. Dave does everything behind the scenes supporting me emotionally, technically and creatively. There's far too much to say. For Evey - my muse - who has been along on this journey every step of the way and is patient and understanding when mum has to work in the school holidays. She’s the reason behind children’s fine art photography as I want to be able to give you the same brilliant images to enjoy that we do as a family.

So here's to the next 10. I can see some amazing things over the horizon and I look forward to getting you all in front of my lens very soon. Cheers!


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