Thanks for staying tuned to the blog and for all your messages. You've seen my highlights of 2019 - love + light. You've read Mark's musings and flicked through his documentary favourites of the year. This week it's the turn of my fabulous couples.

I popped an email around a few months ago and huge thanks to the couples who responded. I can go on and on about wedding days, but I wanted to hear from the brides and grooms themselves about what their images mean to them. After all, that's what wedding photography is all about.

First up is the image above and the lovely memories of Imi & James...

"We never thought we’d get a photograph of us both quite like this! We’ve had so many comments from family and friends that we look like movie stars, so how could this not be one of our favourite images! The image has everything – the love letters, festoon lighting, bunting, the red brick of the barn, James has a beer and it showcases the wedding dress perfectly."


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