Fine Art Children's Photography


Can you imagine your child being photographed in a fine art style with beautiful styling and no cheese? Keep reading, this one's for you.

Those of you who have known my family for a while will remember me constantly taking photographs of my daughter. From the age of six months an image was taken every single day. Yes - every single day. After image number 2649 on January 1st this year I decided that this not so little project should come to an end. Looking back there are so many memories and I've had the entire set printed into eight beautiful volumes for the future. How does this relate to fine art? Well I needed another project; so instead of photographing her every day, I decided to concentrate on a larger shoot twice a year.

I love the fine art genre and wanted to celebrate Spring. I called on my fabulous wedding industry friends to help pull my vision together and I'm thrilled with the results - both as mum and photographer. We painted our own backdrop and used soft colours of tulle and Spring flowers of blossom, magnolia and hellebore, cut straight from Jo's garden only a few hours before.

I'd love to offer this as a service to all you mums and dads out there who crave beautifully styled portraits of your children without the white backdrop or cheesy grins. Let your kids be themselves. Contact me for a brochure.

Many, many thanks to Jo at Constance Rose and Rachael at Foxglove & Gingersnap for all their hard work and talents. As a little bonus, spin to the end to see a behind the scenes video.