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Why Do I Need a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?


Why do I need a pre-wedding photoshoot?

It's a question I'm asked often and an important one to answer. For me, it's about getting you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The pre-wedding shoot is a stress-free chance to explore how you'd like to be photographed on your big day. After all, wedding photography is a partnership between photographer and couple. We'll work through barriers and insecurities which we all share, allowing me to capture the real you. Being photographed is not a piece of cake, having been on the other side of the lens I've experienced that first hand. I know that the pre-wedding shoot really helped Rob when he married the gorgeous Amanda last year, here's what he had to say:

"Having chosen a photographer for our wedding I thought that was the hard bit, then Karen mentioned getting together for a few of hours at a place that we enjoyed as a couple, so we could get used to the camera and so she could experiment with us as a pair and as individuals. I was sceptical of this as another add-on that we would just accept and the cost would increase as these things can do. How wrong I was!! For me this add-on was ideal as it helped me understand what Karen needed to explain to me to ensure our wedding day pictures were the best they could be. Granted she couldn’t change my face, but she could change my angles and expression. Those few hours provided me with the confidence and understanding of how Karen could shoot the stunning pictures that we have received following our big day. My wife didn’t need as much help but for anyone in the same shoes as me, I would highly recommend getting in front of the camera with Karen before your wedding day to make the most of the shots that she will create, your uneasiness and awkwardness will have passed and those special pictures will be stunning as a result."

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