When there's shots at the bar, tears in your father's eyes, a rowdy dance floor or an inappropriate speech by the best man; I'll be there unnoticed documenting every little emotional story.

Qualified Masters Photographers Association LicentiateWinner Wedding Photographer of the Year   EDP Bride Wedding Awards 2017Winner UK Wedding of the Year  Your East Anglian Wedding Magazine 2015

Aside from your couple and family portraits, I spend the majority of my day as a photographic ninja. Weaving in and out from room to room capturing all the little details whilst remaining unobtrusive.

As an avid people watcher I really do enjoy my job. There's always something happening, there's always an authentic story to tell. When your family and friends are having a good time, it's written all over their faces. I'm there to capture everyone being themselves, from the flower girl hiding under the table, to your aunties dancing La Macarena.

Shooting in a documentary style allows me freedom to capture things you will not see whilst being sensitive to those around me. But that doesn't mean it's an excuse for poorly lit or badly composed images - no siree. I pride myself on consistency and quality across your whole wedding gallery. I love being creative with strobes, coloured gels, prisms, mirrors and a whole heap of knowledge.

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