Natural & Fine Art

I photograph in a distinctive style, mixing moments as they happen with natural feeling posed images and fine art portraiture. I’ve won many awards for my romantic (and quirky) couple images which are all directed but look so natural. My aim is to take the best photograph you’ve seen of yourselves EVER, that all begins with you being comfortable. Let me show you.

EDP WinnerMPA WinnerYour East Anglian Wedding Magazine Winner

Great images begin with natural interaction. I want to photograph your laughs, your knowing looks, your cuddles and holding hands. I want to place you in the best locations both outside and inside at your venue and surround you with beautiful lighting. I want you to enjoy your photography experience.

A wedding comprises of lots of differing moments which need to each be photographed in their own way. ‘Posing’ is such a negative word in weddings at the moment - I expect everyone remembers the days when everything was extremely controlled and all the personality was sucked out - but that doesn't mean your portraits should be taken without care and attention to detail. In weaving a story, I photograph creatively to capture your personalities and natural interaction, whilst still making sure your dress is beautifully laid out and your suit isn't crumpled. If you want to go for it and express yourselves in a Vanity Fair style fine art portrait, I’m here for you too.

Couples are often concerned that ‘posed’ sections will take them away from their wedding for hours on end and they miss most of the day. Don't worry, I know it’s your wedding and not a self-indulgent hour long photoshoot. It’s my job to create beautiful images as quickly as possible to get you straight back to the party.

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